Bhog, the offering

It was a weird feeling of being disowned. The feeling came as flashes of rejection, disappointment and dismissal. The harder I felt it, the wave and imagery became stronger and stronger.

I accepted it. For I knew I was at fault knowingly. I knew I had done no good to receive that level of pure love. I knew I didn’t make myself proud or anyone proud.

And then, I accepted it deeply. Suddenly, the same energy shifted and embraced me with greater warmth and love. It was as if it never left me, just got away from me for some time. The feeling of security and happiness emerged faintly. I still knew that I need to make promises and stick to them. I need to fulfill the expectation and serve. I was told that I am given the blessing of serving instantly with small amounts of effort. But, the promises have to be strengthened and matured.

When you accept your faults and things that did not make you feel proud about yourself, then it becomes easy to recognize and change. The divine energy up there can be away from you for some time but cannot cannot leave you. It loves you to the level one can’t even imagine. Its purity is untouched and the amount of love it spreads around is the reason for our survival. We need to give this service a hand and that shall be the purpose of life.