That feeling when you need to Let-It-Be

Dear mind,

You/I woke up with a light face but a certain heaviness inside. The heaviness did feel like a lot of burden but still something was wrong.

It was a feeling, like many other mornings of, ‘Where I’m I going in life?’. The question has come up before the screen of my mind many times and I have successfully managed to give an answer back, but today I was just like ‘its okay, happens, something good will only happen. It’s like nature, the night has come so the only way is the day to come’.

Not that something wrong is going on, but there is something missing inside which scratches every morning and penetrates right through the mind into every vein of the body. The feeling grows and stays like a parasite. You flight it and it eats your energy up all day. And the ‘miserable’ feeling creeps in.


Because we fight it!

>>We feel we need to fight because that’s the only the feeling will stop.

>>We need to fight because we get troubled by it.

>>We need to fight because I don’t know any other way to deal with it.

More I flight, more I give it energy.

There is a very popular story of which feeling you feed; will breed more. So, we are feeding the miserable feeling. We were feeding the feeling that makes us feel sad and heavy and we see the more we feed, in other words, engage with the feeling, more it grows, more powerful it becomes.

Recognize the feeling. Accept it. But, don’t engage with it. Don’t question the feeling. Don’t indulge or give in to the feeling, don’t dwell on it, and don’t analyze it,

L E T I T B E.

There is a beautiful story on Let-it-be. Will share it some other time.

Till then, Mind, remain at peace!

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