The corporeal versus- 2

1. What are the gates of Body Consciousness?

a. The interaction of the fives sense with the outside.

i. What we see, feel, hear, taste, and smell leads to a definite feeling. Mostly, the attraction is towards temporary things. And every temporary thing in the world, including our own body is bound to give sorrow.

ii. It all starts with your smriti [awareness]. The basis of my awareness is what I see outside and interpret/perceive it in my mind inside. It becomes the foundation of my thoughts.

iii. My thoughts then makes my vritti [attitude] and hence follow my kritti [action]

iv. I need to be careful as to what I see, feel, hear. I need to make sure my intellect is not getting disturbed by any of this because if these gates remain open, then creeps in maya, in other words, sorrow.

2. What are the basis of having a broad and unlimited intellect? [Behad and vishaal buddhi]

a. The person is always engaged in doing some or the other service.

b. The person cannot stay without doing any service.

c. Service can be done on three levels-

i. Through actions. Making someone feel happy by going a step further. Also, sometimes doing good action to/for yourself, for example, doing exercise, eating healthily etc, is doing service to the body.

ii. Through words. Sharing a good thought with someone that makes his/her feel good. Also includes, talking sweetly with self and not in anger.

iii. Through mind. This is the most powerful and easy method of service. Having good and elevated thoughts about others and self can reach that soul far greater than through words and actions.

d. The person is makes others like himself.

3. What is to surrender? What are the benefits of surrendering? Why surrender? To what do I surrender to?

To be continued…

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