The corporeal versus

  1. You have found God or God has found you? Are you capable of recognizing, not that you have found God, but that God has finally found you? What is the intoxication of your life? What’s the feeling that makes you intoxicated?
  2. Remembrance of the divine energy, the divine light, equals remembrance of your Ultimate Home, your original residence, the place where you come from, the place you always call to when in despair. The remembrance of the Home, and the Home Maker there- the divine light.
  3. The moment I forget to remember my Home, forget to remember the Home Maker who lives there, I become careless. (albela)
  4. If I have continuous remembrance of the Home, there will be deep, fulfilling, and permanent happiness.
  5. We are the being’s of peace and so is the divine light, the divine energy, the divine being. The form that the soul takes are many. The form of the self (swa-roo; swa meaning self, roop meaning form), is peace (shanti). If I see it in isolation, there is no form of the soul as such. But it’s form (swa-roop) is shanti/shant. And hence the experience of it.
  6. The divine light, the divine energy, the divine being is mine, I am myself the divine light, the divine energy, the divine being.
  7. The Father of this soul, is the ocean of knowledge, the ocean of peace, the divine light, the divine energy, the divine being. As a Father, it gives us the inheritance of becoming the future God and Goddesses or the being with godly virtues, of divine qualities, of divinity. Also, at present, the father, the ocean of knowledge and peace, comes and tells us ‘Who we are?’, ‘What we are?’, ‘Where do we come from?’ ‘Who do we belong to?’ and ‘What’s our purpose of life?’ [Will take this point separately next time]
  8. The divine light, the divine energy, the divine being, is the ocean of knowledge and we are the rivers of knowledge streaming out of the ocean.
  9. It is in this shower of knowledge that we souls finally gain ‘satt-gati’ (true-liberation)
  10. With remembrance of the divine, you will remain in lots of happiness.
  11. We have received the third-eye of knowledge, wisdom. Hence, now is the time when I become — Soul Conscious being and move out of the long-lived life of being Body Conscious.
  12. The divine energy, is like a tiny tiny tiny point of light. I, the soul, is also a tiny tiny tiny point of light energy.
  13. Whatever I do, weather cooking, eating, walking, conversating, I should remember my beloved, the divine energy.
  14. Remember the Lord of the Tree [the Tree of the world], become pure and keep remembrance of the loving pure divine energy.
  15. The blessings of this time, the confluence age, is that of experiencing supersensuous joy (atti-indriya-sukh), the joy beyond the senses, above the senses. Once we are dipped in this supersensuous joy, then the happiness received from the senses won’t matter. It will appear to be worth nothing at all.
  16. To experience the same, we need to be aware and recognize the past, present and the future.

We know the past is past. Let it be.

We build our present, thought by thought. Cultivate remembrance to achieve excellence.

We know what the future holds for us, we are the future price and princesses or the ones with divine virtues and the ones who’ll get the inheritance of the Golden Age.

17. With our powerful & pure thoughts and action, the atmosphere around us becomes powerful too.