Flower and the Ground

Flowers. Flowers always have been an attraction for me whenever i am sailing in natue. I can enjoy their colors and fragrances. I see the beauty of the mother nature in them. Different patterns with different combination make them unique.

If i talk biologicaly then all flowers have the same working system, just that they reflect different types of light. Same as humans. We are biologically same but we reflect different personalities.

But it is the beauty that i want to talk about. It is the universal thing that i want to talk about. I see flowers and i think about the beauty in the person. I see flowers lying on the ground. I realize that they are the same kind of flowers as those hanging from the branches. Then why are they there? I cant find the answer but i can say that they are not adhered to with a stronger base. Hence, i think that only beauty is not important.

Rather, beauty with a stronger support is more important. Just like the flowers on the ground increase the beauty of the datum level. I would say that a beautiful human is not really important, but a beautiful human with integrity is. Flowers on the ground are going to be swept out from there but the flowers on the trees are there to stay.

Perhaps that is the thing that we find beautiful people on this planet from the ground to the top of the tree. It is the beautiful world that teaches us integrity with beauty. But that is a thing I’m afraid of. Isn’t ground is the destiny of flowers?