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In simple terms, Raspberry Pi is a super cheap ($40) Linux based computer. That’s it. Seriously.

It can do whatever you can imagine a normal Linux computer can do, such as browse the web, write code, edit documents, and connect to I/O devices such a thumb drive, mouse, keyboard, etc. This tutorial will be focused on learning how to make your own Python dev-server with Raspberry Pi.

Step 0. Define the goal

Before we begin, it is important to understand what is it that we are trying to build. …

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The growth in the number of web-based applications and frameworks in the recent times is astounding. As companies such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft provide more and more easy-to-use tools to build and deploy applications, it makes more sense to use the services and tools provided by them instead of building things in-house and hosting it on-premise.

Google App Engine is a great way to get started with learning web development. It provides a bunch of useful features such as sharding, automatic database replication, automatic scaling, memcache, and so on.

However, the process to sign-up and deploy your first test hello world app is not very intuitive. …

In simple terms, Product Management is the art and science behind managing a product right from its inception to its demise.

A product could be anything from a smartphone to a commodity device. Managing a product’s life-cycle is no easy task and is a science in itself. A great product manger has three key skills,

  1. Vision
    Foresee a gap/need in users’ lives that can be filled with a solution.
  2. Execution
    Churn out an idea, build a product/solution and sell it.
  3. Leadership
    Collaborate with developers, designers and other key stakeholders to drive them through the journey of a product.

In other words, a product manager is responsible for what gets built, what features get added on and is the owner of the product. …

It’s been a while since you did something adventurous and you decide to visit an amusement theme park. You’re at the universal studios to ride the Mumy’s indoor roller coaster or Disneyland to ride the Angelina Jolie roller coaster. Waiting in queue to enter the much awaited ride, how often do you see someone say he / she is too scared to take the ride? All of us are humans and all of us desire to do something adventurous. So why is it that some people fear or dislike roller coasters? A thing that you might love so much.

First, aside to ones who love to ride. Riding a roller coaster puts us in a situation of what is known as ‘controlled danger.’ Steadily moving up an inclined track and seeing yourself move farther away from the ground level can be daunting at times. It is at the peak of the track where you are about to experience a near free fall that you feel most threatened. Naturally, this isn’t something that one experiences daily. …

How often have you seen your male friends finding it difficult to recall random events of the past? And how often have you seen your female friends recall similar events seamlessly well? Given this general notion, is there a reason why females tend to remember things way better than males?

Curious? Let’s find out why.

  1. Research has proven that way we speak of our memories affects their longevity in our brains. Big deal. Well, not quite. Have a girl child talk about her day and have a boy child talk about his day. Here is where you shall notice a monumental difference. Females are more likely to describe an incident not only by talking about the event but also by talking about their feelings associated with that incident. However, males would very often not talk about their feelings associated with an incident. This striking difference in the way the two genders describe an incident largely affects the longevity of the memory of that incident. Memory in brains is very different than the memory we speak of in digital devices. In human brains, memory is a pattern. And more the entry points to a pattern, more likely are you to recall an incident. …


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