Module 1: Golden Rule of the internet

Word “netiquette” meaning etiquette on the net is basically a golden rule being followed universally for success and making online communication as effective as possible. Netiquette is unenforced rule on the web that is followed in the same way that other societal rules and lifestyles are followed in order to make everyone feel comfortable online. Following netiquette often leads to one being respected and praised online as it sets ground for one to create an identity that makes them and others proud. Most of us usually use netiquette in everyday life but are unaware of it. There are also several disadvantages of not using netiquette which can often lead to miscommunication and unprofessionalism. In order to understand netiquette better there are several rules one can use to make online communication as compelling as possible.

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1). No Spamming

  • Spamming people with unethical duplicate messages of same content again and again is deceptive. As one message or email is more than enough to put across the message that you are trying to convey. Spamming is just unnecessary nuisance to everybody that is intolerable.
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2). No Plagiarism

  • Stealing someones work and portraying it as it is your own is a big NO NO. Everyone should keep in mind that all the posts, pictures, research and articles on the web belong to someone else and in case if you are using their work make sure proper credit is given as it is their right. If not it can lead to legal action and author has all the rights in the world to sue that individual.
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3). Genuine use of Language

  • In order to be treated with respect make sure that everything you say on web is ethical, civilized and respectful. This involves no cursing, no uncommon slang, good grammar and no caps. As all of these can often guide to miscommunication and hatred. So just remember the general rule of thumb for netiquette which is the use of “well mannered communication”.

4).Your being observed

  • Always remember that all your posts are public and people of all kind of age groups (from your children to your grandparents) can see what you post. There is no Privacy on internet so always think and proofread twice before you post something on the web.
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5). Absolute no cyberbullying

  • Online networking and blog entries can often result in an extension among individuals who share distinct perspectives, as your opinion may not always be right. So always respect other people’s opinions instead of making some kind of unprofessional comment or bullying them for what they believe in. Any type of bullying is a crime make it physical or cyber as no one has the rights to hurt other people’s feelings for what they believe or look like. Bullying can often result in embarrassment, shame or even more serious life threatening disorders such as depression and anxiety or even in worst case scenario it can lead to suicidal attempts. Hence, treat others as you wish to be treated.
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