Décima (a Spanish form of poetry)

I came across a TED Talk in which the speaker extensively talks about how a form of poetry like décima has made inroads into the poetry world, despite being a phenomena that’s more than three centuries old. It can be any poet’s dream to give his poem a rhyme scheme of ABBAACCDDC as per décima and confine the out-pour of thoughts within ten lines. So here is my first shot at it :

You’ve gone through me to become me
Like the first rays peer through the cloud
Utmost warmth, care it solemnly vowed
To embrace with love, the entire humanity
It will fade, shine, die but here it’ll always be
The union testifies one common thread
Two different lives, together subtly embed
Your touch brings me back to life
Overcomes the huge scars of strife
Be here, your absence fills me with dread