My First Post On Medium. What Made Me Come Here!

Hello readers of Medium.

Before getting started, I would like to inform you that I’ve had no experience in writing what so ever, nor preferred reading blogs too. Matter of fact, I am a YouTuber who has been making videos and have always preferred videos over a written stuff because of the ease of quick information you can absorb.

Now, I really value words. How did this change happen?

I am a person who has been consuming video content for around 7 years now, and I am still continuing to. But just reading blogs and articles for just a few days now has already impacted me on how I consume content.

If I were to describe the difference between a Video and a Blog in two words, it would clearly be PACE and IMAGINATION.

These two factors is what has got me really interested in reading blogs. I do not state that blogs are always better than a video content, but what I am trying to say is that blogs have a unique way of describing a certain aspect. Allow me to explain why I chose this two strong words, pace and imagination.


Everyone is aware of the fact that no individual in this planet are same as another, we all perceive and understand things differently. Each one has there own style of learning, which makes this world a beautiful and a unique place. This is a standalone factor for many to prefer reading blog, because they can grasp the provided information at there own pace.

But what about a video? can’t it be consumed at one’s own pace? the answer is simply NO!

In a blog you can always decide to go back to any word instantly for better understanding. You could even slow down the pace of reading to get more clear and understand better what these words really mean. This simply is not possible in a video. You may say that, “Hey I can always rewind the video and watch again.” But you know what? It’s not convenient every time. You also have to keep up to the pace of the video and really rely on the creator who has created it. But where as a written content goes, there is no one between you and your words. Your Pace is Your Pace.


Just when I mentioned above, there is no one in between you and your blog, also makes a crucial factor possible, Imagination. You have the complete liberty to visualise and imagine the story from the words, which in a video is really not possible because what the creator shows is what you actually see. your imagination is bound within the story of the video. You may subconsciously imagine the story from the video, but you are constantly feeding your mind the pixels and colours the video is emitting to you.

This is a major reason why reading has already impacted me in just a few days. You get to imagine and create the story board of the words both consciously and subconsciously. I could really prove this in just a few lines.

When a blog post says that, “A Monkey Climbed The Mountain To Eat Apple.” Your mind has beautifully constructed A Monkey in a way that no other person can, It has also Imagined a mountain in its own unique way. The same goes for the apple, You would have subconsciously thought of an apple which you normally would have eaten or seen in your life.

Now, When you see a video where “A Monkey Climbed The Mountain To Eat Apple.” You are seeing the Monkey which the creator has designed, restricting your imagination of your version of Monkey in your brain, the same goes for the mountain and for the apple too. If you would have not seen the below image of a Monkey before reading the word “Monkey.” I am pretty damn sure that the Imagined Monkey is really different from the Monkey you consume in a video content.

“monkey on tree photo at daytime” by Joseph Anson on Unsplash

The Imagination and the Pace of understanding the Monkey is completely different, even though the content is same on the blog and the video.

But Wait, Why did I have to explain all these to you? for all I wanted you to know that, this is my first post on Medium, and give a reason on why had I come here!

Because friends, Pace and Imagination has impacted me over the past few days. I was restricting my Imagination when I used to watch Inspiring videos, not that they were not impacting me. But for the reason that, I was not aware of what my mind could really Imagine and perceive until I had the liberty to really access deep understanding from the words at my OWN PACE !

So this is how I decided to join Medium and publish my first post, I have really enjoyed writing my first post and honestly would like to admit that writing is not that hard for what imagined to be.

So If you have already reached this line, I think I have done a fair job. Please do let me know where I could improve as I really want my posts to be valuable.

Thanks and Love.

Karan Chordia