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Waiters & Waitresses: The World’s Finest Performers

Everyday, there are men and women around the world acting their asses off to make a living. I’m not talking about the ones on stages or in television, I’m talking about the ones in restaurants and cafes.

I know, the title might seem a little silly, but bear with me here.

Recently, myself and my lovely wife went on a month-long trip to Canada/US. It was an awesome experience for sure, but this post isn’t about the trip, but about what I noticed when we were served by the waitresses and waiters.

Involuntary Performers

It’s a phenomenon. It really is. Millions of individuals working in the food industry work for tips in order to make a decent living.

Make no mistake — I’m not writing this post out of pity, nor am I writing it to talk about the confusing nature of America’s minimum wage system, but about the remarkable way these workers perform. They perform much like an actor or a street performer would.

Performing With Miraculous Spontaneity

Picture this for a moment — you’ve just received your food, you’re in a party of six and all of a sudden, one of your mates says, “Um — this isn’t what I ordered. I’m a vegetarian. This has meat in it. And there’s a hair.” Sure, it’s likely that this scenario is somewhat uncommon, but humour me. The poor server has seconds to react to this huge cock-up in fear of looking like an idiot in front of the guests. This scenario can go in a couple of different ways;

It’s this ability to be able to react these situations, and perform in an improv situation that makes them a

These talented workers adapt to each situation like it were a different scene, a different act, even, and their efforts are rewarded - in some cases, quite well.

Improv in itself is a wonderful sight. Some of today’s most successful actors had their humble beginnings in improv (see: The Groundlings) and have made a career (for the most part) on improvised performance.

Word to producers looking for fresh new faces: go to your nearest food joint or Cheesecake Factory. You’re gonna find performers who know how to react when you find a hair in your soup.


Writer & filmmaker. Love Comics, films, games, and wrestling. I also vlog.

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