The One Who Came Back

What would you do if the One That Got Away came back into your life? He lay staring at his ceiling fan as he contemplated the question. What would he do is she did magically reappear in his life. As with all things, his thoughts flickered to things that would reasonably be expected in such a situation. His mind offered up images of a passionate reunion in some exotic cafe. A chance encounter at a random bookstore, both roaming their favorite isle. An unexpected knock on the door to find her standing there after two years.

But none of it was real. It was the reality of movies and television, of fantasy tales and happy endings which never seem to happen in real life. They were all beautiful and moving in their own way. Each offered comfort and solace of return to the arms of a long lost love. But the stories will never tell the whole truth, for it just doesn’t make for good television. If, by some cosmic miracle, she were to reappear in his life, he would be in shock. And not the 2 second movie kind. He would be rooted to the spot, as would she, if he knew her at all. Neither would speak, but volumes were spoken. The eyes questioned, asked,interrogated, pleaded, responded, explained, softened, moistened. He would find his voice eventually, shaky and hoarse, but she would beat him to it. A snappy comeback as always, making him laugh and cry at the same time. In that moment, time would stand still and the world would fade to insignificance.

She was his world and she had come back to him. Nothing else mattered in that moment. There would be time enough for the talking, now it was the heart ruling. There would be a kiss. It was inevitable, really and the movies do get some things right. They would wrap around each other as if one, tightly and unwilling to let go lest it all be a dream. The lips would come together, hesitant at first, unsure of their ground, missing the familiar rhythm. But it would come back to them. The touch they remembered fondly, the look in her eyes, the way his hands ran over her back, the way he caressed her face. This was his dream. It had come true..

The alarm clock went off with a shrill noise, shattering his visions. He could have smashed the goddamned thing in fury. He was covered in sweat, breathing hard, his nose still fresh with her scent, his lips still feeling her touch. He licked them involuntarily, sniffling in the process. He had to get back to his reality. He couldn’t go down that road again.

But what if it did happen, he wondered?

Hope springs eternal.