You see the music

YouTube has changed the nature of music. Albums and singles were once crafted solely for the ear. A symphony of sound, purpose built for auditory pleasure. Things have changed the music industry quite dramatically, what with content streaming, torrents and ipods. But I realised today that its the consumption of music and the decision as to what’s great has changed dramatically as well. People see music as much as they hear it.

For instance, Ed Sheeran’s Galway Girl is my latest favorite on repeat song. But I understand that I’m more enchanted by its music video than by the music or the lyrics. I don’t really follow along with most of them and I just understand the chorus. But the story shown is stitched together beautifully and the girl in the video is the perfect embodiment of the one in the song. As a matter of fact, she’s the perfect girl. Period. And that’s my point here. If we were living a while ago, I would have heard the song, liked the catchy beat and left it there. But it would not have made it to my all time favorites.

That in essence could be the issue with discovering new artists and new music. On the one hand, reaching people is made easy by YouTube and other platforms. On the other hand, its now a complete entertainment package that you sell, not just a brilliant sonnet and music to accompany.

I am a bit of a philistine with music. It is possible I have grossly misjudged the whole thing because I never venture too far from the mainstream. Anyhow, my worthless two cents.