Where are my new commandments?

For f%$ks sake. What is going on? Why aren’t aliens here already? Are we really the only civilization to make it pass the “great filter” and if so, where the hell are we going? Sure, we got Elon and a couple of others that have grand ambitions but an overall sense of apathy is rife. Look at who is running this planet. Look at what we are doing to the environment. Look at how much time we spend posting ridiculous stuff on social media. Is this really the best we can be? Who is going to stand up and organize the world and its populace? Where are the new 10 commandments? Here is what I suggest –

1. Thou shall be a better person than the day you were before

2. Thou shall not be a slave to money

3. Thou shall realize that vanity is completely idiotic

4. Thou shall have one friend from as many religions as possible and understand what it means to them

5. Thou shall personally afford a good education to at least one person a year

6. Thou shall not use social media for one day every month & instead spend that time volunteering

7. Thou shall be fluent in at least 2 languages & read 50 pages a day of anything

8. Thou shall get off your lazy behind, eat right & get fit

9. Thou shall not tolerate incompetent people as leaders

10. Thou shall protect the environment at all costs

*11. Thou shall play a musical instrument

Would love to hear personal additions. Why stop at 10! :)