Ninja Blaster: Best marketing tool for your business


Do you want more traffic, do you need millions of viewers, thousands of followers and all of this in just a single click?

Marketing has never been easier before.

Social media has taken over the world in recent years. Marketing through social media is easy, inexpensive and effective. The reliance of businesses today is based majorly on social media marketing. Especially since the social signals had become the part of Google Algorithm for searches, Social media marketing has gained immense importance for brands and companies today.

Social media marketing is usually thought of as an arduous task which consumes a lot of your time and efforts. But this has been made easy by the evolution of technology and the creation of a radical social media marketing tool called the ninja blaster.

That’s right. As the name suggests ninja blaster will cause a boost in your marketing by generating a blast of views and subscribers or followers.

What is Ninja blaster?

Ninja blaster is one of the most powerful and leading marketing software tools that allows you to reach bigger audiences in no time. It has been majorly designed for driving traffic to Facebook and pininterest. So if you are thinking of promoting your brand on the viral platforms of Facebook and pininterest then Ninja blaster is the ideal and perfect marketing tool for you. Moreover, it is guaranteed to enhance your websites SEO as well.

The autopilot mode of ninja blaster lets you schedule, comment or post on different pages or groups on Facebook and pininterest to promote your brand in no time. It is definitely a cost effective and time saving tool for your marketing.


Ninja blaster tool possesses qualities and features that no other software offers.

The following features will help you realize the credibility of this tool and why is it the best tool today for social media marketing.

a) Comprehensive research of keywords

Ninja blaster helps you in your marketing in every way possible. It conducts a wide research of keywords and provides you with the list of keywords ideal for your business. It provides you with keyword suggestions. These keywords are collected after conducting research on fiver search engines

b) Resizing your images

You can resize you pictures with a single click that saves you a great deal of bandwidth, time and effort. This also shows how fast and easy it is to use Ninja Blaster.

c) Facebook

· Fan page scheduler

Ninja blaster tool lets you update your Facebook fan page at regular intervals. It schedules posts on your page, lets you make multiple posts in just a single click. Again it is an ideal tool to save time and cost.

· Group marketing

Select the groups you want to make a post on. Ninja blaster lets you post in numerous groups at once with a single click. It also allows you to set the delay in the posts between different groups.

d) Gmail

You can get unlimited Gmail mails. All these ails can be saves as .txt files. You can also scrap all Facebook mails using this tool.

e) Safe and reliable

Ninja tools is a safe and reliable tool. Facebook or Pininterest will never get to figure out that you are using any kind of software for posting. It has an outstanding support.

Plans and pricing

Ninja blaster tool offers three options to choose from. You can choose the optimum one for you depending upon your budget and requirements

1. Monthly package:

You have to pay $9.95 for a month. During this month you can thoroughly view and experience the features of Ninja blaster. At the end of this month, you have to decide whether to renew this package or not for the next month.

2. Yearly package:

Ninja blaster offers a yearly package that costs just $59 and you can enjoy their services and updates for the entire 365 days.

3. Lifetime package:

This is our favorite package. You only have to pay $97 and enjoy it for a LIFETIME. Isn’t that cool?

Ninja blaster offers a free trial service for three days. You will become a permanent member of the ninja family and save your cost and time for a lifetime.

Depending on the experience of these days, you can make the decision.

How to use it

To start using it, you just have to purchase it

1) Login to your Facebook account

2) Choose whether you want to Post to all groups you are a member of or you can select the groups you want to post to.

3) Add your message in the space provided in the dialog box. Add a picture or video with your message if required.

4) Next, select the delay between each post

5) Click on start button and leave the rest to ninja

6) Keep checking the status of your posts from the dialog box

Download details

There are numerous links on the web where you can download ninja blaster. Beware of fraudulent links.


Although Facebook has put limitations and keeps updating their privacy policy, you do not have to worry about all these restrictions if you have ninja blaster at your disposal. There is reason why it’s called ninja. Ninja blaster easily resolves Facebook account ban issues which occur because of excessive posting.

Ninja blaster improves your social online presence to an enormous extent. It is highly recommended and really fruitful for businesses.

With the help of ninja blaster, your social activity over Facebook & Pinterest is improved which is a healthy signal towards your site’s SEO. It is a modern tool that will keep growing and updating with every advancement in technology. It is a must have for nay aspiring business out there who wants to achieve revolutionary success in a short period of time.

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