A Perspective On Reality

A Perspective On Reality

By Karan Magu

“At least it hides the face partly well, so you have the apparent face, the apple, hiding the visible but hidden, the face of the person. It’s something that happens constantly. Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what is hidden by what we see. There is an interest in that which is hidden and which the visible does not show us. This interest can take the form of a quite intense feeling, a sort of conflict, one might say, between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.”- Magritte

All reality is in the mind, delivered to you by nervous impulses;

those electric signals served by a constant feed from all your senses.

Neuron by neuron your mind becomes,

and at some unknown point of neurons adding up with each other,

your brain is formed.

But no one knows at what point the consciousness emerges.
 That is the mystique, the miracle of minds,

the last question to be answered, 
 but perhaps the only that really matters.

The mind is complex,

it works in mysterious ways.

It gives us a false sense of control, of free will.

The free will to craft our own reality.

And suddenly,

The doors of perception are rent apart, and in a flash and a gunshot it all unwinds. The illusion breaks.

That moment, in stead of setting in, Reality sets out, and its combative children

Life and Death, both enter a flux.

And that is the divine comedy of Nature’s grand design; because nothing makes sense anymore

and you realize that for all the randomness and chaos in this universe

that is beyond your control,

and for all the other illusions your illusion intertwines with,

the best way to live may simply have been to participate in the illusion,

to play along,

to exercise the only measure of control you have been awarded

by whatever incomprehensible forces put this cycle of reality in motion

and even though your sense of free will,

your experience of a distinct I,

a unified self through time and space,

this fragment of mind that you appear to possess,

even though these things may all be illusory,

they were perceived as real nonetheless, and to you those perceptions were as real as they can be.

At least your own senses had told you so;
 the fact
 that you 
 are anchored to this unified space, time, self and reality is all that really matters; because if these elements of the mind (as it is tied to you)

get unhinged and untied,
 your mind is not your own anymore,
 your sanity is not anchored anymore.

They were illusions, but at least they kept you together,

having them meant having life.

And now your body is far and away and you seem to be floating in a different space.

You have broken free from the first level of reality.

You now realize that reality is present in fragments,

A patchwork of instances, interwoven and embroidered on a single fabric of space-time
 But you, your fragment is not anchored anymore, and
 You are unhinged from 
 that reality which was your own

just some time ago.

Yet finally, you emerge into another being; you are beyond it. You see it for what it is. You see it from afar, see the inside-out from the outside-in, 
 in ways you have never seen before. 
 Epiphany: Nothing is mystical at all, mysterious never again; it just is.

Dissociation. You’re above it all, free to roam the universe and to let your Spirit lead you. Free to roam the universe and enter different bodies,
 going backward and forward and sideways and up and down
 in Space and in Time.
 Entering and exiting the world-stages in different avatars, waltzing every now and then to a new symphony of senses and nerves, as you desire.

Confident, you are all powerful.
 You are free at last! You are the Mind and the Mind is You!
 You have escaped from that matrix, that illusion which lays below.
 That grid of lives and all their living, you are above it all, 
 yet one and the same with it, part and whole, if you wish to find.
 And suddenly,
 A void opens up, a black hole,
 and consumes you,
 launching you into nothingess once again.
 the “not-is”,
 that which is not.
 Reality operates at many different levels. Levels beyond Life. Levels beyond Death. Levels beyond the visible and the hidden.
 Levels beyond those a single Mind can comprehend.

The end.

…In my view, a writer’s job is to capture the human experience through describing the life of the mind. A writer must communicate what they see in their mind’s eye through their pen and in doing so, they imbue their writing with their own unique voice; its just the way they say something. A voice is an essence. The way I see it, a writer’s comfort with his or her voice as pertains to writing is directly proportional to the confidence, comfort, and acceptance the writer has with regards to his or her own spoken voice, or his or her own essence. Both kinds of voices can be perceived, but one must be heard through the ears, the other seen through the eyes. Yet the organ of sense is immaterial, and so is in fact the mind that it feeds. Note that the mind is immaterial not in a dualistic sense, but in the sense that it is invisible and immeasurable in its entirety…

The deeper you go into the journey of understanding the nature of minds, the deeper you enter minds, your own or those of other beings, the more interesting the adventure gets, the more you discover and understand things you had never contemplated before and things you were never aware of earlier. You realize that the conscious mind is but the tip of an endless iceberg…

So are you ready to take a leap of faith, to enter the rabbit hole? Ready to find your own idea of a Wonderland? Don’t move till you are sure. And once you do, go forth, venture forth, explore with boldness and confidence…

This piece is inspired by the complexity of the reality we live in. I wrote it as an experiment in creative writing while I was sitting in an ongoing class, specifically as an attempt to improve my line progression and to write poetic or lyrical prose. My philosophy of language lecture was too boring for me to focus on, so I took out my journal, began to pen down these thoughts as they came and went on recording the poetry of a mid-day metacognition.

P.S. Clearly, my real, factual views on the the concepts above are a different conversation altogether, this creative piece simply brings to light a mix of romantic notions, abstract puzzles and complexities with regards to the nature of reality as explored at the highest levels of philosophical thought.

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