Everybody has their own definition of happiness.

I woke up one morning to a couple of my so-called happy friends updating their Facebook statuses;

– one person got a Harley Davidson at the age of 21
– another one is happy about her Prague trip
– some of them are busy clicking selfies in their expensive outfit, obviously bought by their parents.

Let’s ask these people if they are really happy?

Happiness is not your friend but your friend’s enemy.

What if my dad would have given me all this when I was growing up?
What if I had a car to myself when I turned 18?
What if they never kept a track on my pocket money?

My life would have been so meaningless.

I am a traveller. I literally fantasise about going to new places. Comfort & luxury are the last few things I am ever worried about. This is what defines my life.

This is what I have inherited from my Dad. This is what gives a meaning to my life. I still try to save and dream of travelling to places across. This is what makes me happy.

Ooh wait, am I really happy? Am I happy with the things I have? Or am I looking for something more in life? Will I be happy if I get what is on my wish-list or will that initiate another list?

Journey to happiness is never ending.

Hence, it’s rightly said you are always in pursuit of happiness. You can never achieve it.

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