Methods To Store And Clean Silver Cutlery

Silver cutlery, whether traditional or modern is in trend all over the world. Many people enjoy eating with silver cutlery and they also try to assemble the perfect collection as their hobby. However, it takes a lot of effort and time to maintain the shine of polished silver. So, in this article, we will discuss the little efforts to revive the lost shine in the silver cutlery.

A few facts about cleaning silver cutlery:

· If you are using it on regular basis it doesn’t tarnish.

· You have to store it properly so that it doesn’t tarnish,

· In case it gets tarnished a hotel dip can help in removing the stain. You just have to dry it with the hand.

· You can also use modern powder and it can also go in the dishwasher.

Now, we will discuss the cleaning and storage tips:

Silver has never been so easy to care for either we use modern products or techniques. Although silver carries the stigma of being more effort than it’s worth. In old time silver requires a degree of elbow grease to bring a nice shine and to keep it stain free. If silver cutlery is not your type, then you better check out Chicago cutlery Insignia. If you are unsure about this as well, then it’s better if you could go through Chicago cutlery insignia reviews online.

Out of all the silverware, cutlery is easy to keep stainless and bright with less effort.

The main and the first most important point is how you have stored your silver or silver plated cutlery. The best method to keep it stainless free is in a tarnish proof cutlery roll such as used in Tupperware box, zip lock bags or other airtight containers.

For the people who use their cutlery every day then for sure tarnish will be built up each week but if cutlery is washed and handled properly there are fewer chances of stain to be visible. For example, if you have eaten your cornflakes with a silver spoon every day and you have not polished it once then what will happen?

You need not worry, only you need to maintain and clean the silver plated cutlery after use. In previous times, cutlery was washed by hand and still many people still prefer to wash their cutlery in this way only with nothing more than warm soapy water.

There is nothing wrong in putting your silver cutlery in the dishwasher. A generation ago, detergents were used to wash and it was not an ideal method to use as it is harsh and every time it takes a portion of silver while washing. But now the scenario is different, there are many softer detergents are available and they cause no damage to the silver.

The only trick to keeping the silver nice is to dry the silver by hand not in the dishwasher because in dishwasher water oxidizes the silver slightly and it comes out with a yellow tinge which then needs to polish it. If we talk about the old silver knives, always remember they are best if washed by hand as old knives are filled with a pitch which can expand over time and that can cause blades to become unset.

What if your Silver is Already Tarnished?

In this case, also, you need not worry much. Just clean your oxidized or black cutlery with hotel dip or silver dip and it will clean your stain in few seconds. Then, rinse it with warm water and dry it by hand. For the best information regarding kitchen gadgets, you can visit AddonKitchen, which in my opinion is the best site for most accurate information regarding utensils used in kitchen.