Physical Therapy And Exercise Is The Central Component Of Almost Any Sciatica Treatment

Physical therapy and exercise is a central development component of almost any treatment for Sciatica.

When the patients go for a regular exercise program, the recovery speed becomes a lot quicker with a significant reduction in the sciatic pain.

General Exercise for sciatica:

These Exercises include stretching, strengthening and aerobic conditioning.

Strengthening Exercise: They help in bolstering the spinal column along with all the supporting muscles, tendons and ligaments. These exercises focus on both lower back and abdominal muscles, glutes and hip muscles helping in the treatment for sciatica.

With this exercise, patients will get relief from pain, which is provided by firm core muscles that support the spine by twisting it without any injury and damage.

Stretching Exercise:

These exercises focused on those muscles, which cause shooting pain because they are tight and inflexible.

In this program, stretching of the hamstring muscles becomes very important, but people don’t stretch these muscles, which results in further pain in all parts of the body i.e. from pelvis, knee, back of the thigh whenever they perform their day-to-day tasks.

Second most important stretch which is helpful in sciatica pain relief is the bird dog move and the second version of this exercise is plank bird dog move. In the bird dog move we have to get on our hands and knees, extend our arm and opposite leg and then do alteration and in plank dog move we have to go in the position of the plank with the help of our hands and toes.

Low impact aerobic exercise:

This exercise includes swimming or taking pool therapy or simply walking, as all these things help recover the person. Aerobic activity helps in the exchanging fluids and all vital nutrients in order to get a better environment for healing.

It also helps in releasing endorphins. Endorphins are body’s natural painkiller, which helps in reducing sciatica pain.

Yoga, Pilates and Tai-Chi are some of the other exercises that can be performed to stretch and strengthen the muscles.

Water therapy can also be done to get relief from sciatica pain. Water therapy can be done in a warm swimming pool. It helps in releasing chronic pain of high level of sciatica pain

Sciatica surgery:

In what condition we should go for sciatica surgery?

Here is the answer to our question, in severe leg pain that lasts for more than four to six weeks.

Another reason is if the non-surgical treatment for sciatica doesn’t work such as steroids, Injections, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, non-steroidal manipulation and for physical therapy. Third reason is patient ability to do the everyday activity.

The chances of undergoing a surgical procedure becomes imperative if the patient is continuously feeling the weakness in legs. There is one syndrome by the name of Cauda-Equine, which takes the entire bladder control off the person. This can also occur if the sciatic pain is way too critical.

Types of surgery:

Micro discectomy for Sciatica:

This is the most common surgery. This surgical procedures involves the removal of one of the portions (portion causing pinched nerve) of herniated disc with the rest portion of the disc staying as the same. Back Solutions Clinic is known for their finest back care treatments.

This surgery is done when the patient does not get relief from non-surgical means.

Lumbar laminectomy for sciatica:

This procedure involves the removal of a small portion (the portion causing the pinched nerve) of the bone/disc. It is not an easy surgery as patient health is also considered in this type of surgery