The erratic views in early 20's

I’m neither a philosopher nor an anthropologist. Nor a singer nor a dancer. Maybe it’s not what I ‘m, maybe it’s what I’m willing to be. This might sound dramatic but I call myself a subject. 
We do feel changes when we enter the end of adolescence, I would say that teenage is over-rated and is just a rudimentary stage of a product which is in its elementary stage of designing. But now, I feel like a product which is almost done and that needs to be sold in a market which is full of different products, some better while some being the best. The hard-wiring in the brain is only the biological aspect of the development. Biologists might shed the light only on the mutation, genetic development but what I’m really concerned about is the psychological changes. When I was 18, I explored a whole new world which is full of lust, ideas, theologies, deception, themes etc. The list can go on and on but I just want to share few of them in person. These are the things we are already acknowledged with but the actual perception changes. The adjectives governing the tangible as well as the intangible substances seems just an understatement. The word new possibilities and new learning tend to become synonymous.
 Being an engineering grad I never had much of the exposure to the literature and the vividness of books. But soon, as the caffeine kicks in after some time, the realization of the reality didn’t take much time. I was obsessed with the writers like Dale Carnegie and started a way of introspection. This initially offered more than help but soon became a problem. The problem because I went into a mode of over-analyzing the things. The world was no longer the same, period. I became a subject, the people around me became a subject, the life wasn’t the same. I didn’t even know whom to believe anymore. This is what I believe is the growing stage which shows us a much broader picture of a confide world we used to live in. 
This is my first article on Medium. I just felt I needed to express how I feel and there’s no definite purpose of writing this. Feel free to drop your comments in case if you have felt the same.