A Safe Ride, A Smart Ride !

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You travel daily to office
You travel on weekends
You have a car
You don’t have a car
You use public transport and are not happy with it

No matter how often your drive or take a ride to any place x you know there are many benefits if you would have shared the same ride with someone travelling on same path

With rising trend of ridesharing market space, there are many carpooling apps in market now.

But and this is like big BUT: question is how safe does one feel while taking a decision to share a ride with another rider / driver.

That was exactly what i asked before joining the team Poolmyride and by the end of this write-up i am sure you will be as convinced as i was when i was taking this decision to hard wire my brain

Here at PoolMyRide, We make connection of two or more people to commute on a way which is common for all of them. Thus, you can imagine how much hard work it takes to make a path for connection of people. As per the best of the user safety is concerned we have made certain criteria’s on which a user can ensure safety!
Safety Matters And We Understand!


You can chat on the app with the person you choose to Carpool with, without actually revealing your own details or contact number. If you don’t feel comfortable, it ends up then and there only.


The app also shows the official email ID of the person too i.e. it will tell you the company in which that person works.


Want to carpool with a secure mind ! ISN’T it?

Then PoolMyRide offers you to see your FACEBOOK mutuals within the App.!


What’s better than carpooling with your Co-workers! Lets just say you work in a company of 5000 employees makes it easy to find a carpool And on the order hand you work in a company as small as 10 employees working ! you can carpool with the employees of companies nearby your company!

We gave you all in one SHOT!

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