New Year, BETTER You

New Year’s Resolutions Are Bullshit, & Just Another Way For The Industry to Make Money Off of Our Insecurities

Tis the season for new year resolutions, and I am all for change.

“Change is the only constant in life.”

I also embrace ALL that is you — past, present, and future.

Rather than a “new year, new you,” I encourage you to make this new year a BETTER you, because life is about growth & self improvement.

Building blocks. Growing pains.

Our mistakes and challenges shape who we are today — the good, bad, and even the ugly.

We are all fighting our own battles that the rest of us know nothing about.

It’s not what happens to us that matters, though. It’s how we react, respond, and decide to move forward.

I recently saw a quote,

“And one day I realized that my demons were not demons at all. Just the things that I did not want to face.”

Let’s face it.

After all, we would not even know what love is without hate. We would not know happiness without heartache. The sun would be a regular bore without enduring the clouds and storms. Poets, songwriters, storytellers, and artists would be mediocre.

Remember that flowers grow from dirt.

Stop using the man-made, marketing concept of time and the New Year resolution as an excuse or reason. (And stop wasting your money on all of those quick fixes and gimmicks!)

All you have is right now. Don’t wait for a specific date to start. Whatever it is you want in life, just go and fucking do it already.

January 1st is NOT going to be the reason why you succeed or fail.

You are your only reason.

One day at a time. One task at a time.

Strive to be better in each moment, every moment.

Time will always go on, and we can label it and have celebrations as much as we want. But, it won’t make us better people. That’s an inside job only.

Just be a better person.

All the time.