Pairing Indian Traditional Costume Jewellery with the Right Neckline

Everything depends on the neckline when it comes to pairing Indian traditional costume jewellery with the right dress. Unfortunately, many people unknowingly turn their outfit into a total disaster by putting on a piece of jewelry that just tends to stick out odd from the rest.

Speaking of which, do you know how many types of necklines can an Indian traditional outfit have? Understanding the neckline pattern of your dress will tell you a lot about what type of Indian traditional costume jewellery you can pair with your outfit. Here are some that you would definitely like to know –

Asymmetric Neckline

The Asymmetric neckline pattern includes an amalgamation of variety of designs. It can consist of button work, embroidered borders or even patchwork. So the jewelry piece that you are going to wear must be chosen keeping in mind the following factors –

  • You can complement your outfit with only a pair of earring or maybe a gladiator bracelet from diamond jewelry stores in Kolkata. Keeping your jewelry set to the minimum is recommended when you go for Asymmetric neckline dresses
  • Do not overdo your outfit with too much design work on one jewelry piece
  • Choose your jewelry design according to the size of your chest

Boat Neckline

As evident from the name, this type of neckline resembles the shape of a boat. Now, when you choose your jewelry piece, try to understand the pattern first. A boat neckline will pass by the collarbone and will taper from the back and the front towards the shoulder. Here is what you need to look out for when pairing your jewelry set –

  • Go for long strand necklaces. They are often multilayered with different colors and hence will enhance the beauty of your entire attire

Peter Pan Neckline

Inspired from the retro culture, the Peter Pan neckline can make you look very elegant for the evening. This type of neckline features a flat collar that comes with rounded points. Though this type of neckline is strictly for western outfits, there are some who might have a salwar or a kurti with the boat neckline. This is what you need to know when choosing your diamond jewelry set –

  • Avoid wearing pendants or necklaces. This will make the neckline loose its charm.
  • Go for other type of accessories like a simple bracelet and ear studs.
  • Keep your jewelry fashion simple.

Matching your outfit with piece of jewelry is an art. Gone are the days when jewelry was just meant to blossom a woman’s elegance and beauty. Now it’s more about stepping out with the right style statement. What kind of jewelry design you decide to put on depends entirely on the design and pattern of the neckline of your dress. Therefore, choose the right set from the Diamond Jewelry Stores in Kolkata to complement your entire dress.