Purchase The Prettiest Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery is a favorite among many and its demand is also much in the market. But, if you are looking for the latest designs and offerings you should definitely go for 18karatsdiamonds. This brand is a sister subsidiary of the famous Panna Gems and Jewels. They have an experience of more than 15 years in the market and their old clients are very happy with the products that they have purchased from them. The designers and artisans are very talented and they come up with concepts and designs that the customers simply love.

The company is also well known for the transparent and honest business practices that they follow. They metals that they use are genuine and the gems are lab grown and of high quality. The ornaments are set in proper way and the stones do not come off loose after use.

This diamond jewellery shop in Kolkata sells Gold, Silver, Kundan and Platinum ornaments. They products are preferred by customers of all age groups. Even corporate high fliers, media luminaries, working professionals, celebrities, college goers and housewives are fond of the products that they offer and buy them frequently.

18karatsdiamonds.com is one of the first companies in the city to come up with the concept of online marketing. Their target customers were mainly the younger generation and the non resident Indians who are away from their friends and family. The ornaments are delivered to doorstep of the customers within the time given to them.

The online store also gives a lot of pricing benefit to the customers who buy from it. Due to low inventory and overhead costs they are able to give more than 25 % discount to the customers. The site is also particularly user friendly and the customers can browse through the products and select one or more. They can make the payment directly through the site. The site is protected by firewall and there is no risks involved in purchasing through it.

The store designs and sells a variety of jewellery products like diamond necklace sets in Kolkata, earnings, nose pins, bangles, bracelets, nose rings, studs, chain, pendants and rings. The customers are sure to be smitten by the variety of products that they have. The prices are also quite pocket friendly and they give the choice of returns and exchanges if the customers are not fully satisfied with the product they have purchased.