I made a ton of peanut butter. Now I’m trying to figure out photoshop so I don’t have to keep using microsoft paint to keep making my designs.

And the peanut butter turned out disgusting and I broke my mothers blender, so i’m just like fuckeverything. i just stood there looking at it, it was smoking and making a weird noise and there was just this huge pile of awful peanut butter next to it. it was dreadful. christ. this place is a madhouse. a stinky, sweaty, anxious madhouse.

i have a dream that one of these days i’ll walk down to the beach here and walk into the ocean and then as soon as the water touches me toes i’ll turn into this creature that doesn’t exist yet on earth, so it’s hard to explain what it looks like, but its this crazy swimming flying thing and i’ll just leap and dive through the water like that for fucking hours. and it’ll be so refreshing. and maybe then i’ll be able to think straight. 
or maybe i’ll just get caught in a fishing line from a japanese trawler and then get eaten for fucking dinner in tokyo.

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