I’ve been writing web applications for over a decade and it’s utterly shocking how little JavaScript I know!
The JavaScript phenomenon is a mass psychosis
Richard Kenneth Eng

You don’t know JS, but you want to let us know how horrible it is and how we should not use it.

“Hey guys! Don’t use Esperanto! Esperanto is a horrible language. Why would anyone use Esperanto directly? Why write a book in it when you can write in Portuguese and translate at print time? People only use Esperanto because they have to. Anyone who uses Esperanto and says he likes it is suffering Stockholme Syndrome! OH BTW I DON’T KNOW ESPERANTO!!”

You, sir, suffer from what I call “JSDS: JavaScript Derangement Syndrome”. You know, there’s actually a whole series written exactly for programmers in your situation. It’s literally titled “You Don’t Know JS”. Take two reads and call us in the morning.