A Chalk Princess

By Mara

Her name is Julie Isabelle Audrey and she dreams about wearing a crown. But really, that’s not all she dreams about.

JIA lives alone, but has four pets. One is a prince dog, so it keeps her company and she pretends it is a prince. Ethan is his name. There is also a queen cat (she pretends it is a queen) and a princess cat to love and hug. (And Mara wanted to stress that it’s a real animal.) And finally, there is a horse. A princess horse and it has a princess saddle and her name is Grace. And it says Princess Grace on her saddle.

Why is the princess alone?

Because she never had a mom and dad, but her grandmother comes and visits sometimes. Just sometimes.

Is the princess happy?

A little bit. But not that much.

Could she get a job or a hobby or something?

There’s no jobs in this city. Ever. They never make jobs. The people just stay home and hang out with their families… But the princess doesn’t have any family besides her grandmother.

However, Mara shares that there is good news in the near future for the princess. In two weeks, her grandma will move in with her, and Mara says she will be happy then. She wants it now, but it takes a couple weeks to move everything.

What will they do when she moves in?

First, they will go to the fair. Second, a movie. Third of all, they’re gonna learn about space at the science museum. Then they go to a slumber party. When she moves in, they’re gonna stay up until 12 and it’s just going to be a special night for them.

A big thank you to my tiny, creative, amazing, and bubbly Mara for this incredible day 31 of The 100 Day Project of 100 Days of Seeking Stories.

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