Special Time with Ç

Part Two

Day 23 of The 100 Day Project features my pal Ç. One of kindest, brightest, most sincere humans I know. 21 years of age and in the transitory time of college, this boy shares where his dreams reside, how his mind wanders, and why love perplexes.

1. What is your dream profession?

My dream profession would include breeding the finest and most athletic show horses, trying my hand at being a barista (or is it baristo for a man?) at some local coffee joint, teaching yoga, coaching preferably middle school or high school cross country and track and field and then also running my own little vineyard as a fun hobby/side business!

2. Are you nostalgic for any particular time?

Nostalgia actually oftentimes brings me back to my middle and high school years at a boarding school in the middle of nowhere South Dakota. I wouldn’t necessarily want to go back there right now, because I know that things wouldn’t be the same… but it was a neat place that had a profound effect on my life. It reminds me of a simpler time surrounded by all of my friends and truly beautiful teachers and staff. I mean, I had a chemistry teacher who would sing hymns to us in class and a lunch lady who would always give me wet kisses on the cheek (not to mention her cooking was TO DIE FOR)! I have so many great memories, so many shenanigans with classmates and roommates from around South Dakota and the world through that school.

3. Do you believe in God?

Yes. Absolutely. His existence is as obvious to me as this delicious cup of coffee that I am drinking right now.

4. How has your perspective of love changed over the years?

Million-dollar question right here. Love is such a tricky topic for me. Deep down, I used to think about love more as being something really romantic and instantly gratifying. Like someone special doing something that makes your heart skip a beat or makes you feel all warm and bubbly inside. That ended up not being very sustaining for me personally, though. One of my dear friends shared with me one time that to her, love is “pure, grounding, and long term. It’s the consistency of a loyal friendship or the unwarranted support of a family member.” I’m going to be honest and say that I really don’t have that much experience in the realm of dating, and truth be told, I wasn’t at all really satisfied when I have been in that type of relationship. For me, I have come to realize that I experience amazing, sustaining love through my friends, teammates, God, family and animals… at least so far. And wouldn’t you know it: I am so perfectly happy where I am right now! Like I don’t even know if I can handle any more love than that. Sorry… that really turned into Christian’s Perspective on Love and Relationships 101.

5. What fuels you?

Mostly coffee mixed and various sorts of cookies and a grand sense of wanting to be a part of something big and worthwhile and meaningful. I don’t necessarily have some lofty goal or final destination in mind that will serve as my moment of, “Wow, I have finally made it” (although a hot tub would be really cool). I guess I would just rather focus on being present where I’m at and the awesome opportunity I have to really pursue whatever the heck I want to at this point (refer to dream profession).

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