The Beginning

My 100 Day Project

It’s here. It’s happening. It’s real. Hey hi hello. Let me begin by saying that The Great Discontent is stellar. And Elle Luna, too. Just great. Their invitation to create via #The100DayProject is so beautiful. I just couldn’t let it pass by untouched. The wind blew it into the long, sweeping limbs of a nearby willow, and as it glowed positivity and warmth and promise, I grabbed it swiftly, all the while questioning what my next move would be.

Don’t worry. I eventually thought of it. My 100 Day Project will surround one story, every day. #100DaysofSeekingStories is mine. All mine! To read along, follow the yellow yoga mat, friends. I will be sharing the stories in depth here, on me Medium, and additionally, more vaguely and hopefully mysteriously, on my Instagram (@karatelarson). Also, if you dig this ridiculous cowboy on a unicorn, you’re in luck. I can only assume most days will include a doodle or two.

A doodle and information. Ya dig?

I feel optimistic. And I am so excited for whatever this project may bring. Although I wholeheartedly believe that the world would be a better place if more people shared their stories, this project is more than that. Learning about the lives of others is vital; it inspires reflection, encourages empathy, opens your worldview… But beyond that, this is for me as well.

I will open up to strangers. I will dive into weird, heavy conversations with friends and family. I will undoubtedly feel pretty uncomfortable. I will find common threads and possibly even divides. But I will grow. And that is all I need.

Great, right? Gracias, Elle Luna. What a gem.