Personal Message from your CEO, Mr. Harald Seiz:

„Yes, we need a better world and I am looking forward to the future.
I guarantee everyone, that they will receive 1g gold for 100 KBC each on
Independence Day (July 4, 2019).
The KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the first Coin actually backed by Gold.“

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Karatbars International takes decisive steps to complete the visionary mission of building up circulation of gold-backed cryptocurrencies.
Today Karatbars International announces that July 4th, 2019 will become the Gold Independence Day.
Starting from July 4th, 2019, KBC coins can be exchanged for pure physical gold at the rate of:
100 KBC = 1g
We work really hard to ensure that starting from the Gold Independence Day on July 4th, 2019, a full-featured gold circulation is put in place worldwide and the phrase “I will pay in KBC” means “I will pay with gold”. …

The society’s approach to money has been changing many times throughout the history. Gold replaced barter system, whereas fiat paper money replaced gold. After this, cryptocurrencies became a new stage of evolution.

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Each step in the money history was accompanied by desperate competition in the form of different approaches to understanding the new round of its development.

Money was made from shells, stones, teeth of animals and feathers, until many thousands of years ago these goods were replaced by gold in the form of coins. …

to be Happy with Your Investment

Investing is a complex and responsible business, even when it concerns conventional assets, such as shares of well-known companies, real estate or bonds.

In the newborn world of crypto-currencies the classic problems of the investor are multiplied by the enormous speed at which projects develop and the lack of a long-standing history. The situation is strained by almost 80% drop in the cryptocurrency market in 2018.

However, even in this sensitive situation, investments in cryptocurrencies remain one of the most profitable areas of investment when reasonable approach is applied.

The key requirement for lucrative operation in the cryptocurrency market is the careful choice of the project in which you plan to invest and a clear understanding of its operating principles. …

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