100 KBC = 1g gold
on Independence Day, 4th of July 2019

KaratGold (KBC)
1 min readOct 25, 2018

Personal Message from your CEO, Mr. Harald Seiz:

„Yes, we need a better world and I am looking forward to the future.
I guarantee everyone, that they will receive 1g gold for 100 KBC each on
Independence Day (July 4, 2019).
The KaratGold Coin (KBC) is the first Coin actually backed by Gold.“

Karatbars International takes decisive steps to complete the visionary mission of building up circulation of gold-backed cryptocurrencies.
Today Karatbars International announces that July 4th, 2019 will become the Gold Independence Day.
Starting from July 4th, 2019, KBC coins can be exchanged for pure physical gold at the rate of:
100 KBC = 1g
We work really hard to ensure that starting from the Gold Independence Day on July 4th, 2019, a full-featured gold circulation is put in place worldwide and the phrase “I will pay in KBC” means “I will pay with gold”.
We make the financial future of the world and are happy to have you around.

Best wishes,
CEO Mr. Harald Seiz and Karatbars International Team



KaratGold (KBC)

The KaratGold Coin (KBC) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency specifically designed to be used as a generally accepted electronic payment.