Sunday Afternoon

Malibu, California, shot by myself

I have found myself sitting in the spot we sat, listening to the song you told me you loved most. The sound of the waves, gently crashing upon the rocks, brings me to your memory. I valued every word you spoke, for I saw wisdom in each thought. I can’t quite seem to shake the thought of you from my mind- I imagine your lips, sweet like candy, and your embrace, warm like a cup of coffee on the coldest of mornings. You had a smile that sent chills down my spine, and a frequent laugh that made time pause. It was in those prolonged moments that I sat in awe of the happiness that I felt, a feeling which had been absent for so long. You asked me why I always seemed to be giggling, and I said nothing, but the truth was that I was overwhelmmed by the joy that you single-handedly placed inside of me. You are simple, yet so complex; you don’t need to try to make me smile, you see through me, yet you are a bastion. I long to learn what makes you the happiest, I long to discover what makes you unique, but most of all, I long to know you. You are my Saturday night, but also my Sunday afternoon. As my longing for you grows, I reside in my patience, for you are worth waiting for. You are special- I can see it in your eyes and hear it in your words. Now I sit here, wondering if you feel it too, or if my imagination is simply running wild.

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