Q4 2016 Newsletter


Letter from the CEO

A year of change; a year of growth

2016 will long be remembered as a year marked by political and social unrest and revolution. Our sense of confidence in the foundation of our world seemed to go from relative predictability to a place where anything — both positive and negative — was possible. At Karbo Com, we very deeply felt these changes and have vowed to work harder for a planet that maintains what we believe are important core values — respect, equality, hard work and community.

During 2016’s sea change, Karbo Com remained an island of stability. In fact, 2016 was our most successful year to date. Our agency thrived — in the success of our efforts on behalf of our clients, the growth of our team, the addition of exciting clients and financial growth. The technology business that we love continued to reward our passion and commitment.

Karbo Com was selected as the agency of record for eBay Advertising, TDK, the Internet of Things World conference and ABBYY. We took on an important website content development role for Logitech’s enterprise product business. Our teams delivered leadership results for RTI, Nexenta, Townsquared and Vendavo. We built on our strength and experience in areas such as the IoT, enterprise software and hardware, mobile and the cloud. We’ve also stayed at the forefront of PR and marketing services, responding quickly to our clients’ needs and crafting our vision of the new frontier in marketing and PR.

Thank you to our valued clients and my phenomenal team who make all things possible.

The excitement continues in 2017!


Guess the Reporter

Which famous tech reporter recently retired after nearly three decades at the same newspaper with an ode to journalism that was both inspiring and nostalgic?

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Q3 2016 newsletter answer: Julia Love, Reuters (@byJuliaLove)

Client Highlight

TDK Corporation of America, our newest Karbo Com client partner, selected us after conducting a rigorous RFP that invited proposals from more than a dozen of the best and brightest PR agencies specializing in B2B technology branding and communications.

During this first quarter of our client-agency relationship, the TDK account team has focused on developing positioning and messaging that conveys today’s TDK: a global electronics leader and materials innovator that supplies the core of the devices in the Internet of Things to the automotive, information and communications tech, and industrial industries. Concurrent with the comprehensive discovery process that included conducting 11 interviews with key executives and SMEs, the Karbo Com team also hit the ground running by securing an interview for TDK SME Steve Maloy in IEEE Insight that published in December 2016. The article reached 421,355 IEEE members who are engineers, scientists, and allied professionals working in electrical and computer sciences, engineering, and related disciplines — a sweet spot of TDK’s primary audience of electronic design engineers.

Q4 Coverage Highlights

ReadWrite: Why artificial intelligence will finally unlock IoT

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Real-Time Innovations’ Stan Schneider: Machine brains should be closer to the devices they control

CIO: Worm on the sensor: What happens when IoT data is bad?

TechTarget: NexentaEdge DevOps goes gratis for Docker persistent storage

ReadWrite: How the smart machine era will change the world

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Karbo Com Highlights

The fourth quarter of 2016 was the cherry on top of a fantastic year. We sharpened our digital marketing skills in a Google Analytics bootcamp class, we managed press attendance at the Industrial Internet Consortium’s (IIC) Security Forum (hosted at client, RTI’s, HQ), we attended PRSA’s “Inside the Newsroom” featuring SD Times, The New Stack and InfoWorld, and attended Rubicon VC’s “Master of Corporate Venture Capital (CVC).”

Pictured left from right: PRSA “Inside the Newsroom” panel; David Barnett, VP Products & Markets at RT, presents at the IIC’s Security Forum; members of the KC team attend a Google Analytics bootcamp.

We cheered the Giants on against the Cubs in the playoffs, hosted a Halloween costume contest and cocktail party in our office, went wine tasting in Livermore for our holiday outing and celebrated three birthdays with lunch outings in the city.

The highlight of our quarter, however, was our company retreat and planning offsite in Palm Springs, Calif. Our entire team worked tirelessly in the weeks leading up to our offsite to prepare 2017 planning presentations, which were shared with the greater team at our offsite. We also took time to relax by the pool, embarked on a beautiful hike, cooked gourmet meals together and dressed up for dinners on the town. We are looking forward to another incredible year in 2017!

Want to be part of the team?

Karbo Communications is growing and we are always looking for great people! If you’re interested in working with fascinating companies in a fun, fast-paced environment, submit your resume here: https://goo.gl/2Yk3FS

Employee Spotlight

Kim Lianthamani, Senior Account Manager

Kim is a media relations master and Karbo Com’s biggest dog enthusiast (see photos below). Kim spends her weekends snowboarding and recently travelled to Hawaii. She and her boyfriend, Ari, earned their scuba diving certification this quarter. We love having her as part of the KC team!

Q: What is one thing you would change about PR?

A: I would change the common lack of understanding within larger marketing and sales teams of how PR works. While these functions often fall within the same budget umbrella for most companies, a lot of sales and marketing teams don’t necessarily know how PR benefits them and how they can, in turn, amplify existing PR efforts. In a similar way, PR teams can be siloed away from sales teams, creating more churn when they need quick intel on customer and competitive landscapes.

Q: What advice would you offer an aspiring PR professional?

A: Given how fast the pace of work moves in today’s digital age, I think it can be difficult for PR professionals, especially those who are young in their careers, to always remember how important it is to slow down and be thoughtful. Make sure you understand what success looks like for you, your client, or your company. Everything you do should map back to this picture, and if you don’t have a good answer for why time is being invested into a specific task or campaign, stop and find out, or re-evaluate your objectives. Don’t get so lost in the motions of day–to-day work that you lose sight of your end goal.

Q: What is your least favorite word and why?

A: “That.” Nine times out of ten, I find it should be omitted from a sentence.

Q: Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you.

A: I spent some time in college at UC Davis interning for the school’s Athletic Marketing department. In addition to great perks like meeting famous sports alumni and traveling as a department delegate for big road games, it came with some less-than-glamorous responsibilities. During a televised conference basketball tournament, we found ourselves without a mascot for the semi-final game. The brave soul I was, I stepped up. While the team lost the chance to advance to March Madness and my 5’ frame didn’t quite fill out the furry, blue costume, I did win the halftime mascot dance-off. Go Ags!

Tech Tidbits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” — Aristotle, philosopher

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