Pressure Washer Is Your Worst Enemy. 8 Ways To Defeat It

If storage space is an issue, then the Powerworks 51102 1700 PSA Electric Pressure Washer could be the right choice for anyone. Its light weight and hard to tip over design make it an absolute best choice as opposed to other pressure washers. This is because it is built so low to the ground. It is also easy to store and user friendly. The washer comes with brass connections, instead of plastic, so it is more durable and long lasting My site .

Key Features

· 1.4 GPM with Induction Motor that is quiet

· 35-foot power cord

· 1700 PSI

· Two built-in soap tanks

· A hose reel for convenience

· Only 43 pounds

· Product Dimensions: 21.6 X 19.1 X 12.8

User Reviews

For a small electric pressure washer, this one has gotten really great reviews. It is easy to use because it is only 43 pounds and moves on wheels. The pressure washer features a quick-connect tip, making this washer run smoother and faster. Consumers report that a benefit of this cold water pressure washer is that it is a little safer to use than its hot water cousins.

Not many negative reviews, if any, could be found online. Most online complaints are centered on the hose not rolling up as easily as preferred, and those complaints are few in number. I would say if this is the only main complaint, then more people should give the Powerworks 51102 1700 PSA Electric Pressure Washer a closer look. One additional down side would be the fact that it is electric. Though an electric power washer can work as well as a gas one, the down side is the constant need for a power source.


· Very affordable

· Easy to operate

· Electric

· Strong brass connectors

· PWMA certified (Pressure Washer Manufacturers Assoc.)


· Electricity as a power source

· Not recommended to use with extension cord, if you find the cord it so short.

· Stiff water hose

· Recessed water hose connection hard to get to

The Verdict

The Powerworks 51102 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer is the best little electric pressure washer out there right now, especially for its size. Upon reviews of the online comments it appears to be very reliable for its size and convenient to use My site . Even a single mother can use this pressure washer with ease, while juggling her cleaning and watching her children. People more advanced in age who need to pressure wash should consider this one as well. It has a comfortable handle, and its sturdy wheels make it easy to move around and easy to use. It has been reported by several customers that it is the best choice to use on your own home. Do not let your home or driveway go several years with buildup. Buy this pressure washer, and watch your home sparkle after cleaning it. Want to resell your home and need a good scrub down? Let this little guy help you resell your home by making it look new and clean.