Today I wanted to describe how Å+ – my new hobby project was born. Some time ago I was looking around in App Store and felt that there are not so many band’s apps around. At that moment there were only one really good example: Björk’s Biophilia. And at the moment of writing this post there’s one another – John Lennon’s Bermuda tapes. Being a musician since the time I remember myself I felt that this is the area I want to spend some time in. And as it comes sometimes: the best way of learning something – is to create something new.

So I wanted to define something as simple as possible but being worth putting in the App Store as a new app. As many other music lovers I like to listen closely for particular instruments within the musical track and sometimes play it afterwards if it’s really awesome. I had one track on my laptop that was splitted to per-instrument-tracks and one day when I was on subway train I made a first demo that was able to switch on / switch off instruments within a track. It was quite entertaining and the same night I found out how to use built-in iOS effects. And at that time demo was looking like this:

First fantastic looking demo

Next thing to do was to find a band that would like an idea of publishing such an app. Without thinking too much I contacted my favourite Russian band Aquarium. And the person to reach was their indispensable band-leader Boris BG Grebenshikov to the insinuating voice of whom I was listening since age of 12. Morning next day I received a green light on further discussion of it and after describing future UI and features I received a new track from the upcoming album (a week before album was released). And than a good idea was to call for some help. Eventually these two gentlemen were eager to help for some inexplicable reasons.

Daniel Bruce (Stockholm), Pavel Kardakov (St. Petersburg)

Daniel has made this very flat iOS 7 look (he-he). And Pavel was helping out with defining effects for each track and some master effects. Here’s what we came up with eventually in a very simplified scheme:

Simplified scheme of effects used in the app

And than I only had to polish CPU and memory consumption, adjust couple of effect’s parameters and end up on this.

Å+ in it’s best

Here’s link to the app once again: https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/a+/id799950189?ls=1&mt=8

It’s not a secret for me that the audience of this kind of apps can be estimated from above by the fan-base of the artist. But in some cases it can be quite a crowd. So, dear artists, after publishing your new awesome stuff on vinyl, Spotify and tons of other different places you can also express yourself in touch based good-looking sexy universe (and occasionally make some money). As for this app, I’ll keep you posted on it’s inevitable success ☺.

Cheers, Nick.




Musician & Developer

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Nikita Kardakov

Nikita Kardakov

Musician & Developer

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