Opening the heart of the Saam

What a sensation it is to seat back to the sounds and smell of the fringe of the Saam. 
 Bushfire and camel trails, and the sweet wild flowers, now live in the legends. 
 The chatters of the distant caravans. 
 And the wind carries the voices; the songs of the Meghwals from afar. 
 A scene so wild. A scene so lovely, so barren.
 It must have been gazed upon by the angels on their night flight.
 But, the tides of time stood there still, watching the grains of sands, as they advanced. 
 And the green morass, as they ebbed.
 Is it late to retort to those tides, as like the sands themselves?
 Now, staring at this gift of the God, you will understand.
 The current of history is brutal, swarthy and deaf to persuasion indeed.

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