Do I keep waiting?

I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years. I adore him, he is my best Friend and we talk about games all the time. I have my fare share of issues, One is that I suffer from sever anxiety. It doesn’t effect me enough not to move in with him. I have moved several time with it and had a few different roommates. It only comes into play when I am sick or worried about becoming sick or my family. 
We see each other once a week and sometimes not for weeks. Always on his schedule. Certain days are off cause he has those days scheduled with his friends. If we were to see each other on the week day, it would only be after 9. I go to sleep early, cause I love waking up with the sun.
A while ago I asked if we would move in with each other but he said I was not ready, he wishes i was a bit more outgoing. That he is waiting for his to retire to Mexico to make it more financially easier. I have asked other times, he would tell me he wanted to live his friends or that he was waiting on his parents to retire to Mexico.
I am just not sure anymore, my family is starting to think that he is just stringing me along. My friends are saying I am wasting my time. Do I keep waiting for him?

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