It was in 2016 in Portland OR, and they were popular as ever after.
Dr. C. Cat

“It was in 2016 in Portland OR, and they were popular as ever after. Humans are such odd creatures that way. Here’s the link. I posted a liberal news source so you can’t argue bias.”

The videos that claimed PP sold baby parts were proven to be heavily edited and the person that made them was indicted for fraud. And investigations in a number of states found that the videos claims were false and Planned Parenthood did nothing illegal.

“Than they don’t need Medicare money.”

Many charities get some government money to help them do their work. Why should PP be different?

“More fraud waste and abuse. Medicare has been consistently been over billed for procedures and equipment. They charge 10–25% more with Medicare, over a private insurance company. Do that to a private insurance company and watch how soon that ends.”

Prove that PP overcharges Medicare.

“If you don’t want the gov. to tell you what you can/can’t do with your body, than don’t ask the gov for the money. Do you think they will give that money away without strings attached? Find local or regional funding, give the tax dollars to infrastructure, courts, teachers, etc.”

I’m not sure what you’re saying. Do you think there should be no government assistance for healthcare? That poor and low income people should be forced to go without?