They sell body parts, maybe they can raise funding that way?
Dr. C. Cat

“They sell body parts, maybe they can raise funding that way?”

Planned Parenthood does NOT sell body parts. A few clinics offered patients the option to DONATE the fetal tissue for scientific research (and if you had a polio shot, you are a recipient of fetal tissue research) for which PP was reimbursed the cost for preparing and shipping the tissue to the researchers. This has been legal since the Reagan administration.

“Eitherway, they should switch to a chairty and raise funds that way. The US government doesn’t need to fund either pro & anti abortion agendas.”

PP is a charity. They get reimbursed from Medicare for allowable services they perform such as PAP smears, cancer screenings, pregnancy tests, STI tests, etc. Just as hospitals and non Planned Parenthood affiliated clinics do. The donations help them offset the costs of procedures so they can charge patients on a sliding scale.

“IMHO, I can care less what a woman does with her body. It’s not my concern, my concern is pork barrel spending of my tax dollars.”

How is medical care for low income people pork barrel spending?