The Mental Gymnastics of Family Planning
Laura Marie

We moved immediately after having our first kid, so I couldn’t isolate where my budget increased solely due to the baby. We’re expecting our second now, and I’m *hoping* to add *merely* $1500/mo in childcare, a 25% increase in my grocery category (this would include formula supplement, diapers, and baby food), and a 15% increase in my misc category (babysitters, clothing, and whatever else comes up).

We’re expecting to pay off some debt before my due date, so that’s how we’ll afford all of this. We’re also stashing away my bonus check and my bumper paycheck for this month to offset my reduced salary while I’m on maternity leave.

Having a baby can be really affordable if you have the right community around you — family to babysit, friends with kids to lend you stuff, etc. It really does take a village!

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