Art by Carissa Lee.

Dear Silicon Valley Parents,

There’s an overwhelming amount of opportunities to take advantage of in the Silicon Valley. I doubt there’s a part of the world that’s somewhat developed that hasn’t heard of Apple or Facebook or any of the other tech giants in our backyard, or that wouldn’t want to have half of the opportunities we do. To prevent your child (or even yourself) from taking advantage of these opportunities is not the purpose of this letter.

We live in a bubble where pushing your children towards STEM makes all the sense in the world, even if they don’t…

If I forget my native speech, and the songs that my people sing. What use are my eyes and ears? What use is my mouth?

If I forget the smell of the earth and do not serve it well. What use are my hands? Why am I leaving in the world?

How can I believe the foolish idea that my language is weak and poor, if my mother’s last words were in Evenki?

- Alitet Nemtushkin, Evenki poet

As of 2017, climate change is one of the top driving factors of language extinction. While most climate change news coverage focuses…

Maybe community college wasn’t a part of your original plan. But maybe you should embrace it.

After spending four long years in purgatory (Monta Vista High School), I was upset that I was going to community college after I spent years working so hard. It felt like everyone I graduated with was taking a huge step forward and I…wasn’t. However, after spending a year at Foothill College, I’ve been enthusiastically recommending community college to my friends that are graduating or (near graduating) high school. In this post, I’m going to explain where I started and where I am now, and how Foothill has changed me.

When I was nearing graduation, I didn’t have many friends, and…

Monta Vista High School, Cupertino, CA

Monta Vista High School, located in Cupertino, CA, just minutes away from Apple HQ, is one of the top schools in the Silicon Valley. Graduates of Monta Vista High School end up at top schools like Harvard, Stanford, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and Purdue, and usually end up at top tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Apple.

Recently, however, Monta Vista has been in the news for a “n*gger kill list” being circulated around social media by a group of students. …

Kareeda Kabir

Linguist, Freelancer, find my other writing on @HuffingtonPost @TeenVogue, Silicon Valley ⇄ DC

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