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The Real Beauty of False Creek

I was walking through downtown Vancouver and I decided that I would walk all the way home to Strathcona by way of False Creek. This past Saturday felt like the brisk first day of fall even though we are closer to Winter. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and people were out in droves. I saw the regular crowd along the false creek bike path of cyclists and joggers but there were far more people just out for a stroll.

Most people seemed to be like me. People out for a nice, possibly last, warm, clear day before we say goodbye to sunglasses and hello to umbrellas. As I was walking I looked at the bright blue water reflecting the sky. From the banks of the shore you could see the bottom. It was calm and still. As I walked under the Cambie Bride I saw the sun start to set. It was around 4pm and the trees and grass took on these beautiful soft orange and yellow hues. It was perfect for taking pictures.

Families at Creekside Park
View of False Creek from Cooper’s Park

I was also impressed with the rocks at the edge of the shore. Many people have spent countless hours meticulously stacking and balancing them. It wasn’t part of some art piece or show, just the work many people who thought it would look neat, they were right. I hope to see more cool art like this and with any luck, walking around, it will happen.

By the end of the walk I had seen more of my own city than the inside of a bus could ever deliver. When you walk for the sake of walking it can be very therapeutic and great for your mood. I encourage you all to take a walk because it can let you appreciate your community at your own pace. It’s a break from the rat-race and everyone who lives in a big city should try it every now and again.

I'm a broadcast and online journalism student at BCIT.

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