An Exercise in Thought: Homosexuality

What does it mean to disagree?

In the realm of healthy human communication and the expression of ideas there is often something that occurs — disagreement.

A quick google search shows that a disagreement is: “a lack of consensus or approval.” This is perfectly well and good. Disagreements should be appreciated. It is necessary for a growing society to engage in disagreements often enough to expose long held traditions or ideologies that are not beneficial in the present day. It also serves to reveal things you may not have known about the world and yourself.

What’s really interesting is the disagreement between binary opinions, take for example the question: Is homosexuality, right or wrong?

TL;DR It’s right.

Now, depending on how you construct your morals there are several ways to answer this question. I chose to take a route in which the answer is either, it is right, or it is wrong. This was sparked by a discussion I had on Facebook regarding the topic. Someone said to me, and I’m paraphrasing here: ‘I support gay people, but I disagree with their lifestyle.’ They also compared it to a son or daughter becoming a criminal of some sort. The analogy being that you can love someone but not support their choices.

Now, I understand that perspective completely, but only with activities that are more within our means of control. Committing a crime is generally within our means of control, but sexuality? I don’t agree.

I’m using anecdotal experience but in my entire 23 years of life, I have never sat down and consciously said to myself, ‘You know what, vaginas, that’s what I’m gonna make arouse me.’ Not once. Ever. And I’m pretty confident the vast majority of people on this earth didn’t either.

Given that and the variation of humans in general, why is it so hard to believe that people who are homosexual didn’t choose it either?

‘But Kareem, what about the people who turned homosexual because of trauma?’ — says a fictitious entity that represents people who think this.

Trauma has the ability to change people. Significantly. It alters brain chemistry and structure. And no two traumas are the same so there very well may be people who became homosexuals from trauma, sexual or otherwise. But then what about the people who experienced trauma and didn’t become homosexuals, or the people who didn’t and still became homosexuals? So trauma isn’t the only cause.

‘But Kareem, it’s just unnatural’ — says another fictitious entity that represents people who think this.

So this argument is particularly bothersome because I am a scientist, (specifically a non-practicing Biochemist, check your privilege bro) who enjoys observing, studying, reading about, and exploring the natural world. And I subscribe to the fact that, ANYTHING that happens in our universe is natural because it is happening in our world. But I’m not gonna nitpick. I know what you mean… You mean to say that it is a human constructed idea to be homosexual. You know, kinda like cars, computers, and the glorious internet. But then there are plenty of examples in the wild of nonhuman animals that practice homosexuality like giraffes and bonobo chimps. Crazy, right? Who would’ve thought other animals can do things we do.

Koko the gorilla doing sign language, cause nature

‘But Kareem, my religion.’ — says yet another fictitious entity that represents people who think this.

I can’t really touch this one. I’m incredibly biased. I think religion is phooey. If you receive your morality from your religion that’s fine. I just encourage you to challenge anything you read or hear that was based on writings or ideas constructed a long time ago. I wouldn’t trust my doctor if he based his practice off medical texts written ten centuries ago, but that’s just me.

This is certainly not an exhaustive list nor did I go in detail about all the things people say to this. However, as it currently stands I believe it is right. And though I didn’t explicitly say it, this applies to all in the LGBTQIA+ community.

It is important to realize that our collective opinions ARE society. There’s a lady that I fancy that makes my CPU overclock if you know what I’m sayin’ ;)

And people of all orientations have similar feelings about whoever. I’d be pretty upset if someone else’s opinion told me loving another adult was wrong or illegal or I’d be damned to eternal torture. That ain’t nice.

So you’re opinion may seem benign, but what happens when it is time to exercise them?

Will it still be just a disagreement?

Side note: Thinking something is wrong and something making you uncomfortable are different, but that’s an exercise for another day.