Trump: the republican democrats were waiting for

The republican race to the White House has turned to a whole different direction.

The real state tycoon, Donald Trump, recently has broken all type of respect principles for the Republican Party. The headliner of the GOP preference criticized George W. Bush administration, blaming him for the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

This, to analists, is the usual way a GOP candidate would attack his/her democrat contendant. The tone that Donald Trump has given to the GOP race has divided more than unite the down-going-since-Romney Party.

Not also this rethoric has outraged the stablishment conservatives, it has politically killed GOP's favourite son, Jeb Bush, who's millionaire superPACs couldn't save him from Trump's mouth. Just like a high school bully story.

¿Will he win the nominee by, according to Jeb, insulting his way to the top? The polls have proven him right. Lets wait and see.

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