How to purchase time: detailed guide

A famous blogger published an article, where the main idea was “Don’t waste your life”. Obviously, it didn’t sound as PC as here, and included a few cursive words to add more expression. It said that it didn’t really matter what you did with your life, unless you just threw it in the trash by floating reactively down the river, without trying to figure out what you want, how that can be achieved and, most important, pedalling in the right direction. Not necessarily against the flow; it’s enough to take control of basic navigation in your own hands. Like, this time there’s a lesser chance of hitting a log.

As a hard-rock millennial, first thing I thought of was time. We’re not the generation that takes chronofaging easily. Not unless it’s us wasting our own time. We’re very reluctant to share our time with someone for free, without any benefits, albeit social or emotional. Most things, including health, can be purchased these days (health might be super-expensive to restore, so better keep the natural resource nice and working). To a certain extent, this applies to time.

I hate cleaning. I’m not a huge fan of cooking. Throw rocks at me, if you will, I’d much rather spend that time at gym or sleeping. Hence, if there’s a chance to purchase one to two hours every day for a modest price of under $20, I might go for it. Unless, of course, an hour of my life costs much less than that; but, hey, if that’s the case, I’m in trouble bigger than cleaning. Cleaning lady, restaurant delivery — here I come!

I’m only a fan of writing when it’s about me, myself, I or something I’m passionate about at this particular moment. I desperately hate writing semi-useless ceremonial stuff like submission forms, product descriptions, formal speeches (c’mon, no one listens to this dull crap!) and formal reports. The kind of stuff that takes zero productive effort, and takes up an outrageous amount of time. So far, I’ve been breaking the system by buying writers’ time (here’s one of them: EduBirdie review, just in case, they seem alright). I mean it! It works like that system from “4 hour long workweek” book written thatsome Oxford prep.

I hate meal-prepping. I’m trying to bodybuild (yes, girls do that too; no, they don’t look like men, they look like freaking goddesses straight from teenager’s erotic fantasy. Unless they take steroids). Bodybuilding and eating crap don’t go hand in hand. I love junky crap. There’re two ways out: 1. meal-prepping. Hate cooking, hate carrying around endless tupperware. 2. ordering meat and veggies for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the restaurants. That shit’s devilishly expensive! Before I started looking into it, I couldn’t believe that, most of the time, a serving of meat or fish with steamed veggies on the side is usually the most expensive dish on the whole freaking menu!

Conclusion: I really need to make more money to buy myself some time. Any time for sale in bulk, please?