That’s the path that’s been drilled into me all my life, by parents, teachers, other students who were doing the same as me — I was praised for doing well on this path to ‘success’. School… college… then Uni and all my hard work would be rewarded by a good job with good pay.

So when it came to going to University, I chose a course in accounting — I was good at maths and every business needs an accountant, right? …

Influencer marketing is on the rise and it’s only gonna get bigger. Any brand who wants to be successful knows how powerful influencers can be to them.

You’ve seen the girls on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers and presumed they’re famous, right? Well… whilst a lot of them are… lots of them are ordinary people who jumped on Instagram at the right time and devote time and effort to creating content that people wanna see. (Some of those accounts are just so dreamy… ) A lot of their content is based around influencer marketing… brands collaborate with influencers…

Karen | Blogger & Instagram Influencer

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