My Top 3 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Client

Why do you need to know your ideal client? Well. . . it sure helps with marketing your business!

Have you ever been in a busy restaurant waiting to meet someone for dinner, but you don’t know what they look like? Challenging, right? That’s what happens to your business (but on a MUCH bigger scale) when you don’t know who your ideal client is.

Here are my top 3 ways to identify your ideal client:

  1. Who do you LOVE working with? Grab a piece of paper and write down the qualities of the people that you love to work with. . . age, attitude, type of project, etc. Really drill down on this list and try to come up with twenty characteristics of the people that suit you the best. I have a friend who is a branding specialist and she has found that her ideal clients are women entrepreneurs who have been in business for about five years and work in the food industry.
  2. Who do you HATE working with? Same idea as #1, but on the flip side. Make a list of characteristics that you’d run from!
  3. Think of a case study from your own life. If you are just getting started, you may not have enough experiences yet to create your ideal client, but you CAN think about the people in your life that you absolutely love. Think about why you get along so well and use that as your template for your ideal client.

This can all sound straightforward, but might be harder than you think! Need help? Click here and I’ll give you a hand.