Art Fair PH

Midterm Exam


As I entered the artfair last February 18, 2017 I was amazed by the different artworks shown with different variations. Each gallery exhibitor has its own way of expressing their passion. I am not really fond in doing arts but I enjoy looking at the very details of it. In fact I don’t consider it as a waste of time but it added much interest on how I can be able to understand clearly what the artist is trying to portray to its viewers. Over the 40 gallery exhibitors I have chosen “Xuartspace” because I find it unique and interesting.

On the first photo, it captures my attention because ever since I was a little child I love to stare at the moon. My father who is a seaman and has been away from us for a very long time said to me that whenever I miss him I can just always look at the moon because one things for sure, he is also looking at it.

On the second photo, I am with my elder sister. The scene was both of us were staring at the airplane while our mom who is standing behind us captured that moment. It was to describe our dream to travel the world together someday with our family.

I find the third photo I got from Xuartspace a unique one. It is trying to tell us that we will not be able to get a good result of what we’re doing without the guidance of someone who holds the plan. For me it is God who is giving us the light to walk in darkness. We can never step back when there is negative circumstances in our way but we can always ask God to guide us every step of the way.

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