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Hello! I am so excited to officially launch today! This has been a dream for quite some time now. And since life isn’t going any slower — it’s time to do something remarkable. To explain in more detail what we can offer here at sundae creative, here are a few relatable scenarios that may ring a bell:

1. It all starts with branding. Is it time for your brand & website to have a makeover? Well, if you like what you see on this website, we can easily create something similar for you. Fun fact: The footage behind the sundae logo (on desktop) is from meaningful life experiences with my husband. A trip to Italy when we were dating, our wedding, honeymoon, and so on… The hand putting the cherry on top? Yep, that’s me! A fun weekend family production with my hubs (the most creative guy I know) as we balanced two toddlers pulling on our legs. :)

2. You know digital content is important, but you just don’t know how/where to begin. I will sit down (or FaceTime) with you and really understand the essence of your brand so we can express it through content. I will then map out an editorial calendar — taking into account special promotions or product launches that you may have lined up. I will also factor in seasonal, relevant events, trending hashtags, etc… (always leaving room for real-time reaction to pop culture events too!) And ta-da! You now have a content strategy. Which leads us to scenario #3.

3. Content. Content. Content. Now that we know what we want to say across all of your platforms, it’s time to create killer content that is made just right for each. For example:

  • Website: Longer format (1–2minute) “How-To” or instructional videos. There is a secret recipe to this and coming from a $9B online retail giant, I know it well.
  • Facebook: Shorter format (30 seconds) videos to tease the longer format video to drive traffic to your site. Plus, ad strategy/content to actually reach people (oh Facebook!)
  • Instagram: Beautiful, artistic photos driving to your blog/site (Anything else would violate the “eye candy act of Instagram” and I just can not allow that to happen ;)

4. Earned Media- aka influencers raving about you. Ok, are we ready to get other people besides you to start promoting your product/website? First we will discuss budget + goals. Next, I will whip up an influencer list, write a pitch and see who bites. Whether it’s written blog posts or videos, I know who to pitch on your behalf.

Or maybe you have a brand new product/service and you need a full go-to market plan? No problem, I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and counting and still loving every minute of it. I could go on and on about everything we can do together, but I think you get the idea. I have a team of the most talented and passionate people ready to make the magic happen! Text me, shoot me an email or give me an old fashioned phone call. I’m so excited to begin this journey.

Let’s do this!

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