Lauren Modery

I dont live in a tiny house but I live in what we call the LITTLE HOUSE. At one time it was a one room house with a loft & it was a pole house. It had an open back porch which is now enclosed as is the loft. At a point a bedroom addition was built on probably when the porch was enclosed. We dont know when the cedar planking was put or when the inside got drywalled & the bath was added. I still only live in the one big room which is the living room/kitchen.

The house is over 100 years old & cute as a button. Too bad I cant drop a pic of the outside in here. I went from a 9 room house with a full basement & 2 car garage to 1 big room & some storage of the bedroom. Yes I still have some things at the other house Im slowly getting rid of but its amazing what you can get rid of when you say Im done with all that stuff. Its only me & 2 cats ( now talk about smelly farts/shit)

I dont think I could go quite as small as those tiny ones as there is no where to walk in them. Im living in Northern Wisc now (from Chicago area) & winters are long & snowy so dont get out much so need to move in here a bit. But its still small compared to my other house that was as long as a bowling alley& almost as wide.

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