Why am I always that girl?

I got off your car already thinking about it. Overthinking… it to be honest. You opened the trunk and took of the grocery bags out of your car, gentleman enough carrying them all, not letting me touch a single of them. I took you up to my place and you asked me where to leave them. I weirdly and awkwardly asked you if you wanted to go to the bathroom. You said “no, it’s late. I gotta go.” I walked you downstairs and told you goodby, hugged you and went for a kiss. You ran to you car like if you were in a huge rush. And left.

I went to my place, turned on the shower and I started thinking. Thinking about why am I always that girl that nobody brags about on snapchat, why am I always that girl that when someone on the phone asks who you are with you say “oh just a friend” why am I always that girl? Why am I not enough for men to be seen as someone serious enough to make a presence in their lives. Why am I always a surrounded by men that hang out with me when they’re down but when they’re up and running again they forget who was the one that picked up the pieces someone else left. Why, why, why.

What does it take? Like is there something wrong with me? Am I not enough? Am I too uncomfortable? What’s wrong with me.

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